The social media management community

It is not strange to see how online communities have grown in the era of mass media. Increased recreation and necessity for sharing all kind of information has greatly accelerate the expansion of these resources. Malcolm R, Parks defined the virtual community in the book A Networked self as ” Social groups that display phycological and cultural qualities of strong community without physical proximity” (Kavada. A, 2015). Even though, we can not touch each other, rapid technological development allow us to have visual and listening contact, nowadays.

This is the case for the online community fromĀ images

The Social Media platform which has about 8 mill of users, allow you to enhance your social media and grow your business connecting with more than 35 popular social networks at the same time. It comprehends all the characteristics that Nancy Baym considers important for an online community. Shared space exchanging media and marketing data, share practices with regulated interaction, shared identity across of several professional areas, share resource & support with a wide rage of webinars or white papers and interpersonal relationship helping customers turn conversations into meaningful relationships.

The limitation are in term of cost for small business and individuals. The platform has free option, and there are two more plans which are paid but access to particular reports, url shorteners and some team member staff could be expensive.