Democratic Education on Radio 4 Today!


phoenixLate news but there is to be a discussion about  the notion of democratic education, somewhat narrowly within schools, tonight at 8.45 p.m. on Radio 4.

Democratising Education

Rachel Roberts argues that education needs a democratic revolution.

Rachel describes her own experiences in democratic schools – as a student, teacher, and now educational consultant. And she argues that even if every school won’t make the transition to the full kind of radical democracy she enjoyed, every school – and every student – can benefit from the democratic ethos.

A Podcast will be up shortly after the broadcast which will include some Q&A.

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My video assessment : Mario is coming to your smartphones


Here is my video about Nintendo wanting to expand some of their games for smartphones and tablets. This news was recent, I only read about it three weeks ago from The Guardian. So getting the idea for this assessment was not the hard part.

For information and inspiration I watched the controversial Nintendo documentary that BBC aired in 2004. It was part of three documentaries on some of the world’s best-known brands : Disney, Bacardi, and Nintendo. Outrageous Fortunes series investigated the personalities behind the three companies and the massive wealth they’ve accumulated. The Nintendo one focused on how Miyamoto created Nintendo’s most successful games, including The Legend of Zelda and the Mario Bros. The whole controversy around this film was about video games causing seizures in children being produced anyway. I thought this documentary was very professional and well-thought. Obviously, it was from BBC so poor quality would be surprising…

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