The most popular of your privacy

If we talk about online visibility, there are many aspect to tackle. One of them, as the researcher Danan Boyd said ” there is a big difference between being in public and being public”. People can join as many platforms as they want, but your popularity will depend on many factors.What the content is, who your audience is, where and when you publicise the information will define who you are and how you are seen in the world of social media.public-service-guy

In my case, I joined Twitter because I could access and share information in real time; I have a profile in LinkedIn to exchange information and ideas to people with similar professional background as mine; my Facebook account allows me to share information with family and friends, and my blog provides me the space where I can express deep thoughts and experiences.The advantages of positive collaborative surveillance could reinforce your activity and your relationships with contacts. However a lateral surveillance could affect your image and popularity negatively.

It is therefore important to be concern about what the limit of your privacy is and what use ‘ third parties” are making of your data, whether you agree to this or not. For instance, Papacharisi stated that ” Privacy is a luxury commodity” we sell or exchange our information in order to get something in return. As a personal anecdote, I was recorded years ago on a private Tv channel and 20 years later, this video is still being broadcast time to time making somebody profits, so do you think should I ask for the copyright?